Add colours to your portfolio with flower photography

Flower photography is one of the most exciting genres in photography. The subject of the photography is bright, vibrant, colorful and is readily available for photographing. Photographers love to shoot flowers as they bring serenity and calmness in their lives. It may be the most explored genre in photography, but they are equally hard to photograph. You can photograph flower either in the garden, streets, balcony, parks, etc. You can be as simple as you want with your photography skill while photographing a flower or you can use your creativity to enhance the beauty of your subject. To get more information on flower photography visit this site

Tips for photographing a flower

  • Go down to your knees: Getting down on the knees will give you a direct shot of your subject. You can use different angles of flower to capture its details. It opens a new horizon for you to photograph flowers.
  • Isolate the subject: The attention of the audience on the subject should be undivided in order to feel the beauty of the subject. The focus should be on the flower rather than the background to avoid distraction.
  • Make use of contrast background: Flowers are a colorful subject. If they are used with a colorful background, they are likely to lose their individuality. You should try using a contrast color to highlight the features of the flower.

Different ways of photographing a flower

  • Low key flower photography: Photographing flower with a low key background will create a contrast between the subject and the backdrop. As it enhances the features of the flower, you will be able to capture intricate details.
  • Photography from below the flower head: We instinctively take photos of flower from above or at eye level. Flower photography from below the flower head gives your picture a unique and different angle.
  • Photograph flower petal using lightbox: It is one of the unique and creative styles of flower photography. Here, a light box is used to see the features of the flower which is invisible.

Giovana Silva Barbosa

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