Photostick Mobile – Store your images and videos from your iOS and Android devices

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You might have heard of Photostick Mobile recently and you are wondering what to do – is it worth buying it, or is it a scam, as some might claim? We have looked into the matter and made an honest review for all having doubts and second thoughts on buying this product. Here it goes.

What is Photostick Mobile?

Photostick Mobile is a USB stick drive used for storing images and videos that your iOS or Android device possess at the time the USB drive is connected. This way your images and videos are copied onto another physical instance safe from any form of manipulation and malware that might infect your mobile device. 

What makes it different from other USB drives is that it comes with a software that can scan through your phone or tablet or any other device’s storage, find pictures and videos and automatically transfer them to its memory. 

No need to manually look for pictures among confusing folders and sending it sometimes individually to the USB stick.

Another thing that Photostick Mobile does is that it recognizes any duplicates (pictures of exact same data structure) and ignores duplicates, leaving you with one unique copy of your video or photo. Take not that this does not apply to the pictures that are of different size – if the same picture is stored in different file size, the USB device will not recognize them as same.

Photostick Mobile comes in different sizes and, depending on the size of your photos and videos (read: their quality), it can save from 3.500 photos or 2 hours of videos up to 65k of photos and even up to 500 hours of videos, given that the video format is of minimal size.

How to use Photostick Mobile?

Using a Photostick Mobile is as simple as sticking the USB drive to your micro-USB port on your mobile device and let it run. You will most probably get some ‘allow’ queries from your device and this is important to always pick ‘allow’ for storage because some users reported the USB drive didn’t work for them, and as it turned out they didn’t give allowance to the device to work its way across the storage of the device. 

The navigation is intuitive and press of the button will make the device work its way, looking for images and videos and transferring them to its memory.

In the Settings tab, you can pick from what type of files you want the Photostick Mobile to recognize and transfer. Some users complained the drive didn’t transfer all their photos. This can be simply corrected by choosing the file type these photos are stored as (for example .png, or .jpeg). 

On the other hand,  the problems other users reported such as the drive transferring unwanted app photos such as WhatsApp files can be countered by the same method. You can also pick to not transfer video files, and vice versa – to only transfer the video files.

The bottom line is that Photostick Mobile is a device that greatly reduces efforts to transfer visual data from your mobile devices and with some preference settings and simple knowledge you can make the device work for you very conveniently.