Right SEO Strategies You Can Take Now

In case you just entered the SEO world, a follow link is the one that transmits page authority , and the more authority you get, the more you upload in the search engine, now, not all links should be follow, since Google can detect that you are creating artificial links and can penalize you. Maintain a certain balance between follow and nofollow links. When it comes to seo for small business then this is the options you can come up to.

Theme of the source page: This point is quite important. You should always try that when buying links , the home page has the same theme, or if not, similar to the website, that is, if you have a hairdressing page you are not interested at all links to my dealership website of cars, and you emphasize this point because it is very important for a good SEO strategy. 

From what sources buy links to my website

This is where you have to be careful, it is not highly recommended to buy links from the typical link farms, since their credibility is usually very low and can give you problems with Google, in addition to the low quality of the links.

We recommend that you look on pages like Enlazalia , where they will generate quality links from articles, forums, blogs and even comments. You can also choose which anchor text or anchor text to put on your web page, something important as we have seen in the previous point.

Now that you know that within the web positioning there are different factors that you have to take into account, a good linkbuilding strategy can help you grow your website and better in Google rankings, and buying links is a good resource provided they are obtained from quality pages. 

The keyword planner is one of the fundamental elements of SEO or natural search engine optimization. When we write the content of our website, products, article or similar we tend to act based on our own logic, which is often very far from what users do.

Every time we write content thinking about a keyword planner, the first thing we have to do is obtain the search volume of our keyword, and multiple similar or similar keyword options that help us optimize the results of our positioning. You are going to realize that many times, most, even if it seems a lie, that the keyword planner gives us very different results than we expect.


There are multiple tools in the network that offer estimates of the search volume and act as a keyword planner, and although we are not going to list it, nor mention which ones we use, for obvious reasons. We want to continue having work and if we show you everything in the end we don’t need you.