How a Simple Phone Hack Turned Me On To Home Automation

I admit to being a fan of the home automation concept since my childhood in the 1970s. Back then, home automation meant something entirely different. Nonetheless, I was interested in it. But it took a simple phone hack to turn me on to what is considered modern home automation. Now I am hooked.

What was that simple phone hack? Turning an old, unused phone into a temporary security camera. It was too easy. Best of all, it worked like a charm! It was my steppingstone to a whole new world of home automation made possible through smart devices, sensors, and home automation software.

Just Install the Apps

I originally went into my phone hacking project with some trepidation. I had previously read long how-to articles that seemed more complicated than they needed to be. When it came time to actually set up my camera, I decided to roll the dice and start by looking for a mobile app.

I found what I was looking for in the popular AlfredCamera app. I installed it on both the old phone and my current phone. The old phone would function as the security camera that I monitored using my current phone. I cannot tell you how simple this was.

After installing the app on both phones, I opened it on each one and configured it accordingly. It did not take me more than two minutes. I started my new surveillance camera and walked around a bit to make sure I would get notifications. I did. Then I simply went into my current phone’s settings and adjusted the notifications to my liking. That was it.

Going Away for the Weekend

My motivation for this simple phone hack was plans to be away for a long weekend. A number of my neighbors were also away, leaving my street unusually empty. I figured keeping an eye on my home’s most likely entry point was a good idea.

Throughout the weekend, I checked in by bringing up the live video feed on my phone. I admit that I experienced a certain level of extra confidence in knowing that my home was being surveilled – even though it was just one camera.

What I experienced was not unusual. The experts at Vivint Smart Home explain that their customers frequently talk about the peace of mind that comes with having a home security system installed. The thing about companies like Vivint is that they combine home security with smart home automation.

Safety, Convenience, and Efficiency

Combining home security and smart home automation in a single package makes a lot of sense. Security features increase safety in the home. Meanwhile, smart home automation features increase energy efficiency and make a home more convenient to live in. I call that a win.

I like the idea of monitoring my home with multiple security cameras and sensors on all first-floor windows and doors. I like the idea of 24/7 monitoring as well. I feel much safer knowing that my home is protected by both equipment and trained personnel who know how to respond when alarms are sounded.

From the home automation standpoint, I appreciate the energy savings represented by a smart thermostat. I also get a kick out of automated lighting that I can control with my voice. Tying everything together with a virtual geofence on my phone is the icing on the cake.

You can probably tell I am a big fan of home automation. I owe it all to a simple phone hack that took me just a few minutes to implement.