The Journey of an English Teacher in Peru

Peru is famous for its cultural and historic heritage. It is a country with a fascinating cultural and linguistic diversity. Spanish is the official language of Peru, but there is a growing demand for English language teachers throughout the country. This increase in demand for English language schools and training centers in the country means a great opportunity for Teach in Peru abroad. However, before packing your bags and moving to Peru, there are a few things you need to know to get started.

Requirements for Teaching English in Peru:

Before starting your teaching journey in Peru, you need to check the requirements for English teachers. In most cases, you will need a degree in education, English, or a related field. A TEFL certificate will also be an added advantage. Additionally, it is helpful to have some teaching experience before embarking on a new teaching experience in Peru.

Job Opportunities:

There is a high demand for English teachers in urban areas such as Lima, Cusco, and Arequipa. Job opportunities are available in private language institutions, international schools, and universities. As a new teacher in Peru, you are likely to start with a part-time job with a language school or training center. You can also find teaching opportunities online by using various job portals that list English teaching jobs in Peru.

Visa Requirements:

To teach English in Peru, you will require a work permit. The work permit is issued by the Peruvian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and comes in two forms: temporary residence (up to 1 year) or permanent residence (up to 5 years). Aside from these permits, you will also require a student visa to stay in Peru. Once you have secured your work permit and student visa, you can start searching for teaching opportunities.

Living Costs:

Living costs in Peru are relatively low compared to other countries in South America and can vary depending on the region you are located in. In Lima, the cost of living is generally higher compared to other parts of the country. As a new teacher, it is advisable to stick to a budget and find affordable accommodation close to your workplace. Alternatively, you can also consider shared accommodation to cut down on costs.

Culture and Language:

It is essential to understand the country’s culture and the Spanish language, as most Peruvians speak Spanish. Spanish is the official language of the country, while other languages such as Quechua and Aymara are also widely spoken in the highlands. Taking Spanish language classes will help you communicate with students, colleagues, and locals, which will make your teaching job more enjoyable.


Teaching English in Peru is an excellent opportunity for those passionate about teaching, experiencing new cultures, and exploring new places. There are plenty of job opportunities available for both experienced and new English teachers, and the country’s cultural and linguistic diversity offers an enriching experience. With the growing demand for English language teachers in the country, now is a great time to consider teaching in Peru. All the best as you embark on this exciting journey!