Tips For Effective Communications Monitoring During Pandemic

Using Technology to Improve Communication at Work

There are plenty of reasons why a business needs to monitor phone calls and other mobile device activity during business meetings. In order to avoid the costly and often-time-consuming compliance actions that can result from in-person and in-plant surveillance, mobile compliance specialists monitor the mobile phone usage and activity of all employees. A mobile compliance specialist not only can help ensure that no illegal or fraudulent activities take place within a business’s workplace, but can also monitor in-plant activity as well.

Today’s mobile devices have dramatically increased the amount of time that an employee spends on the road. Mobile compliance specialists monitor the use of mobile devices by employees so that there is less time wasted on company-owned or -leased mobile devices that are not being used. A majority of companies report that they have seen a 10% decrease in the amount of time that employees spend on company mobile phones. Also, mobile devices are not being left in the vehicle, which can lead to numerous infractions for the use of personal electronics while driving.

Any mobile compliance specialist will tell you that it is very difficult to enforce cell phone usage guidelines in the workplace. Some workers simply prefer to text rather than make a phone call. The majority of mobile devices are not capable of making and receiving calls, so it becomes nearly impossible to check whether a business has complied with their HANAP guidelines for in-plant and out-plant phone use. However, a mobile compliance expert can make sure that all of a company’s mobile devices are compliant so that all in-plant calls and in-plant and/or out-plant phone activity are tracked.

Read further to know more regarding the importance of monitor phone calls and having effective ways of monitoring communications during pandemic with this infographic from Telemessage.