Importance of data center nowadays

It is estimated that nearly 2.5 petabytes of data are transferred over the internet daily, and almost 60% of that data is saved somewhere at a data center. In this context, data centers are the unsung heroes of the internet, or at least the engineers who manage them are. It is because of these newly invented colocation data centers that we can safely store our data in the cloud and not have to worry about losing it. When we talk about storing data in the cloud, it is almost impossible to not talk about VPS a virtual private server. Offered as a SAAS service online, VPS servers build up the internet we know today. It is the easy availability of such servers that has led to the possibility of allowing each and every one of us to have our own websites if we may. It is cloud VPS that has led to the creation of many of the services we couldn’t live without today such as Google. Although in its current state a site as large as Google could not survive on a VPS, they are still very useful to smaller sites such as blogs and build up a significant part of the World Wide Web.

How collocation companies help online streaming websites

While VPS is useful to smaller sites, a large organization such as Netflix requires much more configuration towards the networking end. Such streaming services also make up a good chunk of the internet and the general cloud infrastructure and are marked as an important milestone for large scale web development. Using colocation services [เช่า colocation, which is the term in Thai], you get greater control over the networking abilities of your application such as its IP and port forwarding and saves you the hassle of managing your own server farm. This can also be cheaper and easier to manage hence giving way to more garage-based internet ventures that have become a trend in recent years. 

Giovana Silva Barbosa

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